Frequently Asked Questions about solar...
I'd like to discuss my solar questions


Frequently Asked Questions about solar...
I'd like to discuss my solar questions
I have an existing system on the $0.44 feed in tariff, can I extend my solar system and get even more savings?

solar system ideaYes, you can extend your system, but there are things to be careful of, to ensure you do not lose your higher feed in tariff rate of $0.44

If there is a blackout, will the solar system still power my house?

Majority of the time, NO.

A standard ‘grid-connect’ system will turn off in the event of a blackout. There is however new hybrid battery technologies that will keep your home powered during a blackout.

In discussing the solar solution options, this is one area that we will look at with you, ensuring that you have the option of a system that will provide the option to still have power in your home during a blackout.

What size system is best for my 4 bedroom home?

question about solar energy solutionsThis question can be a bit like asking, “How long is a piece of string?”

Every home varies and energy requirements differ from one person to the next.

Creating a personalised energy profile is the key to making sure you receive the solution that suits you best.

This is a free service that I offer at Hervey Bay Solar Guy.

Rather than just provide a quote, I take the time to understand your requirements, discuss the options and provide you with recommendations that are based on what will best suit your energy profile. This in turn ensures that your solar system provides you with the very best in terms of sustained savings and returns on your investment.

Do you have questions about the right solar system solution for you?

Contact Hervey Bay Solar Guy today, to create your FREE personalised energy profile, identifying the system that will provide with the best ongoing savings from your solar system.

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