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Have you ever wondered where your power use is happening?


How to ensure you get the best savings both now and in the future?

Thanks to the Enphase Home Energy Solution, you can now create a complete solution to achieving all of this and more.

Designed to provide you with a completely tailored system, with clear tracking, Enphase can take the guess work out of your energy savings and put you in control of how to get the best savings for your household.

home energy solution management
home energy solution

Hervey Bay Solar Guy can provide you a tailored assessment and quote on getting the right solution for your requirements.

As the Enphase system is completely expandable, we can provide the options on either a complete or staged plan to get the ideal solution for your home and budget.

Managing your home energy with Enphase

Envoy S

Providing you effective power management is taken care of by Enphase’s Envoy S. This allows you to use and store power in the most efficient way. As the brains of your home energy system, it makes your system storage ready, and enables you to charge your batteries from your panels, or even take advantage of off-peak grid rates, to minimise or eliminate your use of peak electricity tariffs.

My Enlighten

Enphase Enlighten home energy solution monitoringThe My Enlighten monitoring, making it easy to see exactly what is happening, and assess areas you can further improve your savings. Monitoring your energy production, home energy use, and battery storage capacity, you’ll have the complete picture of your energy management. This advanced tracking, even helps identify any system inefficiencies or faults.

Enphase AC Batteries

Enphase AC BatteryThe 1.2kw Enphase AC Batteries, give you flexibility, reliability and usability not found in other systems. With each module having its own inverter, you can add or later expand your storage to suit your needs and budget.

Utilising highly stable chemistry and robust construction, the Enphase AC batteries provide a safe, highly resilient storage solution, that is fully backed by Enphase’s 10 year guarantee, directly supported by their Australian office.

Savings Optimisation

The Enphase system will automatically begin your energy optimisation, using any connected batteries to store surplus power, for use during peak usage periods.

Through the My Enlighten tracking, you’ll also gain valuable insights to identify opportunities for further savings. As the system is fully expandable, you can later add further solar power generation or batteries as required.

Maximising Your Power Generation & Safety

The job of converting the power produced by your solar panels into the AC power used in your home, is done by an inverter. When a series of panels is connected to the same inverter, this is what is referred to as a string inverter system.

Whilst this is the most common type of inverter, to optimise your power production, system reliability and the safety of your installation, there is a better solution.

Enphase Micro-Inverters

One of the advances that Enphase has brought to the solar industry, is in its development of micro-inverters, where each panel has its own inverter.

There are a number of advantage this provides in the power production ability of your panels, including:

The power production of each panel is maximised.

More efficient power conversion, creating greater output, particularly in low light conditions

Safer installation, as it eliminates the need for high voltage DC cabling

More reliable and provides in-built redundancy

Find out how the Enphase Home Energy Solution could work for you

When combined with the Enphase Home Energy Solution, Enphase Micro-Inverters also enable you to track the efficiency of each panel. In the event of a panel fault, or if your panel output is diminished by soiling, the system can advise you of the issue automatically…

All of this is designed to ensure you have the very best in home energy efficiency and management.

To find out more about the Enphase Home Energy Solution, contact Hervey Bay Solar Guy for professional, tailored advice and a quote.

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