Like a tax deduction and improved cash flow?

Unlock the solar savings with your $20K instant tax write-off

…and lower energy bills for ongoing savings

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Would you like to reduce tax and improve cash flow?

Using the Government’s $20K instant tax write-off, adding solar can help eligible businesses with an upfront tax benefit and ongoing energy savings.

To help you take advantage of this incentive and get the best ongoing savings for your business, Hervey Bay Solar Guy can provide you with a tailored energy assessment, and the ability to get solar installed before the end of the financial year.

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Are you eligible for the $20K tax deduction to get solar?

Many businesses are eligible, particularly if:

You or your company owns the business premises

Your aggregated turnover is less than $10 million

The $20,000 instant asset write-off is a Federal Government initiative to enable greater investment from smaller businesses.

Another great advantage of this incentive, is that it applies on a per transaction basis. This means, that even if you’re using the instant claim for other business deductions, you may still claim the deduction for a solar purchase for your business of up to $20K.

For full details and to discuss the relevance for your tax situation, please discuss with your accountant.

How much can your business save with solar?

Your specific savings will vary, depending on factors such as how much and when you use power in your business. This is why the Hervey Bay Solar Guy, customises your solution to match your requirements and maximise your savings.

Assuming that high quality componentry is used, $20,000 would enable you to purchase a system of at least 15 KW. Based on a 25c/KWH rate, this provides potential savings of up to $5,750 per year at current rates. Based on this, it would provide a monthly cash flow advantage of over $470 per month, every month, for many years to come.

When these ongoing savings are added to the instant asset tax write-off, your solar system investment can benefit your business even faster.

To discuss the best options for your business, and get a great quality solar system at wholesale rates, contact us today… and get your system before the end of financial year!

Advantages of considering solar power for your business:

With Hervey Bay Solar Guy, you’ll deal directly with Rowan, one local business owner to another, and benefit from industry leading pricing. Other advantages include:

Reduces your ongoing energy costs, improving cash flow

Current Government incentive allows for an upfront tax deduction

Increases the value of your business premises

Benefits your business reputation as a 'green' business

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*Instant $20K tax write-off is an Australian Government small business initiative and due to expire 30 June 2018. For details of eligibility, please refer to the ATO or your registered tax accountant. Information on this page is not tax advice and provided for awareness of a way many eligible businesses can further their savings from investing in solar.