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Keep savings up after the sun goes down
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Are you sick of paying peak rates for your power use in the evening?


Perhaps you’re frustrated that you’re selling power back to the grid during the day, for much less than you have to pay for using power after dark.


Imagine if you could change all that… and finally control how and when you use your power to create the best savings for your home.

Enphase battery storage monitoring

Thanks to Enphase AC batteries, Hervey Bay Solar Guy can provide you with an affordable battery storage solution. This enables you to use your own solar power, at any time of day. Combined with Enphase’s advanced monitoring system, the Envoy S, you have complete visibility of power production, usage and battery storage, so you can maximise your energy savings.


Enphase AC battery storage

Enphase Battery Storage

By storing your surplus power created during the day, you can then use this power after hours, eliminating the need for peak electricity use.

Should you ever need more power generated, or further battery storage, you can also expand your system later, creating the best platform for managing your energy requirements both now and long term.


Putting you in control

Everything about the Enphase system is designed to put you in control of your savings.

With 1.2kw battery modules, you can add the exact amount of battery storage you need, with the option to expand later if your usage changes.

To ensure you know exactly what’s happening, you have 24/7 access to your personalised tracking system, which can be viewed on your smartphone, tablet or computer… even when you’re away from home, totally removing surprises from your energy management.

Why Enphase AC batteries?

year warranty


round trip efficiency

daily charge cycles


depth of discharge

Why put up with peak electricity rates if you don’t have to?

Contact Hervey Bay Solar Guy today for an Enphase AC battery refit assessment quote and put yourself in control of getting the very best savings from your solar system.

Works with any solar system

Built-in Microinverter for each battery module

Ultra-safe battery chemistry (Lithium Iron Phosphate)

Independently tested and verified by TÜV Rheinland

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